Beginner’s Guide to Meditation


Taking 10 minutes to do ‘nothing’ may seem like a luxury you can't afford. But it's essential when it comes to maintaining one of your greatest assets: your mind. The terms ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ might seem a bit hocus pocus but you've got to admit: we could all use some strategies to chill out from time to time.After all, your mental health is an imperative part of your overall health and influences your risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, according to Beyond Blue and the Heart Foundation of Australia1.So here's a no fuss, research backed introduction to meditation.Redefining [...]

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New Legislation – Protecting your Super


, On 14 March 2019, the government introduced a package called "Protecting Your Super"which was designed to protect superannuation accounts. It was designed to prevent inactive superannuation accounts from being eroded by inappropriate insurance arrangements, as well as protect small balances from being eroded by fees. The new legislation, which was called Protecting Your Super is now law and the measures will start applying from 1 July 2019. One of the major components of the protecting your super legislation is that superannuation funds are no longer able to provide insurance to members with an inactive superannuation account. However, the member can make an election [...]

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