Will I have enough savings to Retire?


As you grow older you will be presented with many challenges, but this should not apply to your retirement income. Below we discuss retirement income and what you need to know to keep you on track to the retirement you desire. You've spent the majority of your adult life working hard and looking forward to a worry free retirement. But there is a lot that goes in to preparing for retirement and ensuring that you are able to enjoy the retirement you imagined. It's very common for the retirement conversations to center around:Will I have enough.What are the risks to my [...]

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New Legislation – Protecting your Super


, On 14 March 2019, the government introduced a package called "Protecting Your Super"which was designed to protect superannuation accounts. It was designed to prevent inactive superannuation accounts from being eroded by inappropriate insurance arrangements, as well as protect small balances from being eroded by fees. The new legislation, which was called Protecting Your Super is now law and the measures will start applying from 1 July 2019. One of the major components of the protecting your super legislation is that superannuation funds are no longer able to provide insurance to members with an inactive superannuation account. However, the member can make an election [...]

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