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Tracy Gray

I highly recommend Lister Finance!

Thankyou so much John for giving me hope in life again, its been an absolute pleasure working with John he is someone who genuinely cares and went the extra mile. His guidance made a usually daunting process feel like a breeze. I never felt lost or overwhelmed because John was always there, ready to clarify things or offer a helping hand. I would highly recommend Lister Finance to anyone who needs a guiding light in navigating home loans.

Thanks again John!

Aaron Duncombe

I refinanced my mortgage with Lister Finance and I found the process to be easy to use, efficient and convenient. John was able to obtain the information he needed through an online portal and present his recommendations via a recorded video that I could watch and review at any time. I would definitely recommend John's services!

Madison Reinders

Really great service! I am very new to the home buyers side of things and had no real idea what I was doing; John took the time to slow it all down, explain everything in ways that made sense and was willing to answer all of my dumb questions. Would 100% use again for next purchase or sell!

Brooke Chapple

Highly recommend Lister Finance.

John has helped me with my first mortgage and recently refinancing, finding me a lower interest rate and saving me thousands in interest. Thank you John for all your hard work.

Karan Mahisuri

John was excellent throughout our home loan process. Explained everything very clearly and explored multiple options before we decided on a suitable choice. He even has Tik Tok videos explaining some home loan finance tips I found awesome!

Claire Nicholas

Customer service has been fantastic. John and Trush are happy to answer any queries we have. We would recommend them to any of our friends.

First Home? Unlock the Door to Your First Home with Our Expert Guidance.

Get clear guidance on qualifying for government grants, preparing your deposit, and determining your borrowing capacity for your first home.

Confused about home deposit requirements? We'll clarify exactly what you need to get started.

  • Essential Facts About Home Deposits: What Every Buyer Should Know

Your Path to a New Home: Understanding Borrowing Power

  • Let us guide you through understanding your borrowing capacity so you can make informed decisions about your home purchase.

Unlock Home Buying Support: Understanding Government Grants

  • Discover which government grants you qualify for and how to apply, taking the first step towards reducing the financial burden of buying a home.

Save Thousands : Refinance with Confidence and Expert Advice

Take control of your mortgage with our refinancing services that promise not just savings, but also a tailor-made loan structure suited to your needs.

Unlock Financial Benefits with Smart Mortgage Refinancing Options.

  • Refinancing your mortgage can lower your interest rates, reduce monthly payments, and provide you with flexibility to manage your finances more effectively.

Refinance and Restructure: Tailor Your Home Loan to Meet Your Needs

  • Discover how refinancing can offer you the flexibility to adjust your loan structure, providing a better fit for your financial circumstances and aspirations.

Beat the Banks at Their Own Game: Refinance to Fast-Track Your Mortgage Payoff & Keep More Cash in your pocket!

  • Unlock the secret to beating the banks: Refinance your mortgage to save thousands in interest and slash years off your loan term.

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